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11. Will the water in the device freeze in winter?
No, if you add about 20-25 % of alcohol (isopropylic) to the reservoir solution to prevent freezing in winter months.

12. What if I don't use Distilled water in my generator?
Distilled water is basically pure water. Other kinds of water like tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc., will work but they will also quickly cause the electrolyte to become "muddy" due to the minerals and impurities in the water. The muddy electrolyte will build up on the generator plates and serve as an insulator causing HHO gas production to suffer. The same is true with many other kinds of catalyst, especially any catalyst containing sodium, like baking soda or sodium hydroxide. Sodium will fast contaminate the electrolyzer plates and cause the unit to become ineffective.

13. Can the hydrogen generator explode?
No. The hydrogen production is made on demand. You will have hydrogen only when your car is moving. Unlike pressurized gas tanks, there is only a little amount of hydrogen pressure in the system.

14. If I have concerns is there any tech support for my HHO Generator?
Tech support is provided for your HHO Generator (

15. Is there any type of warranty that comes with my HHO Generator?
Yes, a 1 [one year 100 % warranty] for parts and unit repair or replacement

16. In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator explode?
Never, all you will have is water and electrolyte on the ground

17. Can we use the Hydrogen Generator on a power generator?
The Generator can be applied on any power generator

18. What is the products life?
To date we have devices sold for several years still functioning.

With this HHO Oxyhydrogen Generator System, named also Brownsgas, Hydogen... Save Fuel Up To 30% and Reduce Emissions!



Now there is a system that allows you to reduce the fuel consumption in your car at a very low cost. Simply use your normal fuel mixed with the hydrogen generated in your own car in a process called electrolysis - the spliting of water (H2O) into its gaseous component parts, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O). 


These gases are directed toward the engines combustion chamber, via the air intake manifold, where they mix with carbon based fuel (petrol, diesel, lpg) and there they are iignited. This increase the octane level of the air/fuel mixture and allow the fuel to burn almost completly, thus reducing the amount of pollutants realeased in the exhaust.

More informations you´ll find on Wikipedia here: Oxyhydrogen and Brownsgas 


It´s a simple technology that you will be able to install in your car without the help of a mechanic



>>Grab your discount - NOW! <<





Just look our video:

Advantages of the HHO Technology

1. Savings up to 30% in your actual fuel spendings. This is valid for both highway and town (city) driving as well. Just imagine how much you can save by the end of the year!

2. Increases the power and performance of your vehicle. The more fuel you burn, the more the engine gets rattled up and wrecked. Once you switch to water, it enhance power, and performance.

3. Reduces the CO2 emissions. Eliminating pollution and other harmful excretes our engines let out. What´s wrong with doing something good for the environment?

4. Reduces the temperature in the engine. Also improves engine life-span since its burning at a much cooler state.

5. Removes the carbon in your motor and prevent future carbon build up.

6. Lower noise in the engine. Hydrogen effect in the combustion cycle. The engine will sound much quieter than it was before, this is due to less combustion in your car.

7. Increases the life span of your engine.



How Does HHO Gas Work in your Car?

Inside the engine there are pistons moving rapidly up and down at a constant rate, generating the power for the car. When a piston lowers it creates a vacuum which sucks in fuel and air (Intake). When it rises it compresses the fuel (Compression) and the spark plug ignites it (Power). An engine will ideally only fire the piston when it has completely reached the top of its tube. However, most engines fire early and don't burn the fuel completely. This creates inefficiency, increases consumption and creates pollution. 


When the HHO Gas mixes with your gasoline it increases the Octane rating and the amount of compression required before the Gas ignites. The piston must then compress the fuel completely before it ignites, and the extra Hydrogen allows the fuel to burn more completely reducing the amount of waste (emissions). This also adds a bit more power to the engine, which increases its efficiency and improves your km per liter.


Independent research has shown that HHO conversion can and does work.These studies have shown that HHO converted engines require less gas and produce less carbon emissions. Please contact us for detailed information over NASA, US Department of Transportation and US Department of Energy Reports.


klick on the NASA picture to open the PDF doc with the NASA aprovement from 1977!

What research shows is that adding hydrogen will allow the engine run on a leaner fuel/air condition. Without adding hydrogen, the stoichiometric ratio of gasoline/air is 1 to 14.7 by mass. With hydrogen added, the engine can run at a gasoline/air ratio of 1 to 20 or more, which is impossible without the adding of hydrogen.

The input of HHO does not add much more energy as we understand it. However, the presence of hydrogen acts more like a rectifier or reformer – it helps the heavy fuel molecules to burn more complete than without HHO. That is, the small amount of HHO in the engine puts the otherwise unburned fuel into use which shifts the conventional fuel/air stoichiometry to a leaner condition.

Great! We will have a low cost hybrid. Converting your car is reversible and you can always put it back to normal fuel without decreasing value


And,... is this technology safe?


The process is very safe because the HHO gas is extracted on demand and burned steadily from the water, unlike larger volumes of pure hydrogen which are highly flammable. The generator produces hydrogen as your car needs it, not using storage tanks. This system doesn't modify your engine or any other part of your car. It is an accessory and complementary system that can be set up or removed in minutes without any difficulty. It only acts as an add-on to increase your fuel efficiency.


But, won't it damage my car? We frequently hear this question and the answer is No... Reason? The answer is simple:



In first place, a HHO generator doesn't modify your engine or any other part of your car. It is an accessory and complementary system that can be set or removed in minutes without any difficulty. The device allows an improvement of the working conditions in your engine. The hydrogen changes the cycle of combustion in the motor for a plane cycle with the reduction of noise and smaller vibrations in the parts (ex: cleaner pistons and valves). The system increases the power of your engine, making the acceleration easier. After the acceleration, you won't have to press the pedal a lot to maintain the speed.


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    1. What does HHO stand for?
    HHO consists of two elements Hydrogen and one part Oxygen. The enhancement of the Oxygen molecule makes HHO more combustable compared to pure Hydrogen.

    2. What amount of fuel efficiency will I get?
    Most users have economies from 20 to 30 % in fuel consumption. There are cases of higher outcomes.

    3. What advantage does HHO gas present when used as an internal combustion engine supplemental fuel?
    There are many benefits. HHO gas decreases fuel consumption by increasing the octane level and forcing the base fuel to combust more completely and efficiently. Higher octane result in increased horsepower. Higher octane, increased horsepower and efficient base fuel ignition is equivalent to much more km per liter. HHO fuel in fact helps to additionally clean carbon deposits inside the engine. HHO exhaust emissions are pure water. So, you conserve fuel, save money and save the environment.

    4. Is a hybrid fuel system more prone to rust or corrosion?
    No. The fossil fuel [gas or diesel] produces enough heat during combustion to vaporize the HHO as it turns back to water and leaves the exhaust system.

    5. Can this system enhance my performance?
    Yes, the injection of HHO into your internal combustion engine will help in cleaning the internal parts as the engine runs. It will boost the torque and horsepower and minimize the hydrocarbon pollutants presently being released into the air through your exhaust. Hydrogen combusts faster and cleaner than gas or diesel inside your engine. This makes your vehicle run smoother, longer, cooler, and more efficiently than in the past.

    6. Does it work with Diesel, Petrol or GPL vehicles?
    Yes, it functions with all vehicles with internal combustion engines.

    7. Does the hydrogen generator cause any short or long term harm to my engine?
    No, the hydrogen generator does not cause any harm to the engines.

    8. Why don't the auto manufacturers launch this technology on current vehicles?
    While fuel prices were low there was little financial assistance for this system. The Stan Meyers patents would grant the public control over their own energy because when optimized or developed from the ground up to take advantage of this innovation vehicles could run on 100 % water. Neither the oil companies nor the government wants to witness a multibillion dollar industry wiped out. The oil firms are reported to make more profits than any other industry in the world.

    9. What type of routine maintenance is required?
    Filling the Tank with Distilled water as required. Every 1000 km you are going to need 1 liter of water. Every three to six months basing on amount usage, it is recommended to drain and flush the device and replace with fresh distilled water and electrolyte catalyst.

    10. What is the electrolyte used?
    The best electrolyte is KOH (Potassium Hydroxide), Very cheap and easy to find.